In Nebraska, he’s working to break up meat monopolies

“Graham Christensen comes from a long line of Midwestern farmers. Now, he’s setting his sights on improving the landscape for the next generation.”

This Grist interview summary does a wonderful job of breaking down the conversation around the lurking dangers of the industrial food production system and points to a more unified, regenerative future for our rural and urban communities.

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Beneath the Surface: Unmarked Feds arrest Portland protestors; COVID & mutual aid

In this interview with Suzi Weismann KPFK 90.7FM, Rob Wallace, evolutionary epidemiologist, Graham Christensen, 5th generation family farmer and founder of GC Resolve, and Meleiza Figueroa, geographer and eco-researcher/activist come together to discuss how they’re working on ways communities can create mutual aid efforts — in the absence of government response – that can be extended as we head into a second, more extended lockdown. All three are involved with the group, Pandemic Research for the People (PReP).

Tune in to the recording at the 17:30 mark for the PReP team discussing issues of food insecurity, the ravaging of rural America from industrial agriculture, global commodity chains, and the urban/rural connection that links us all!

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