Tribal Food Sovereignty

Through our early kitchen table conversations it became clear that as farmers, we needed to take a step back and listen to what others had to say about food. It turns out we as farmers have a lot in common with our native people.

In meeting with Tribal Leaders at Winnebago, Omaha Nation, the Ponca, and the displaced Q’anjorba’r Mayan Tribe, it was made clear that area Tribes are prioritizing a return to becoming more independent, and in order to accomplish this, Tribes must become food sovereign nations.

We learned a lot from indigenous clarity of thought; such as recognition of native plants and herbs’ benefits and role in the local ecosystem and also about synchrony with the environment. Simply by listening, these early conversations have already yielded several new RegeNErate Native projects including the advancement of Tree-Range chicken egg-layer systems, local food hubs and community market establishment, and the development of community gardens.