A Transformational Transition

The food choices you make impact the environment — but you can be part of the soil solution. 

Whether you raise regenerative foods yourself, reclaim a vacant lot in your city to start a community garden or food forest, or help to develop a rural-to-urban food pipeline in your community, the RegeNErative Resource Guide will connect you with other Nebraskans that can get you started in a regenerative direction. When it comes to pest control, you’d want the best pest control specialists so you’ll have the best chance at eliminating pests in your garden.

Even if — especially if — you live in a town or city and don’t have a background in farming, you are part of the soil solution, because your choices control what the farmer produces, and give you access to more nutritious foods produced by regenerative farmers. 

We must shift from building fossil fuel pipelines, school-to-prison pipelines, and all pipelines of oppression, and start building regenerative food pipelines — funneling connection, community, and care to everyone living in their path. This is the regenerative way; this is the Nebraskan way.

The Nebraska state motto is “Equality Before The Law”. Nebraskans even had a ban on corporate agriculture as of recently, won by a grassroots people’s initiative to get it on the ballot. This is an example of how Nebraskans do business…by principle. We must continue to hold our public servants accountable to us — and ask them if they will stand with Nebraskans or the corporations that have put good people, and “The Good Life” at risk. 

The Emancipation Proclamation was about freeing bodies. The RegeNEration Proclamation is about freeing ourselves from the injustice of industrial ag by regenerating the soil, and the Nebraska way.

We hope you will use our website and the Regeneration Proclamation as a guide to connect with the folks who are already making this vision happen, and we hope you’ll use it to grow your home community — from the soil up. 

Older and younger generations are starting to work together to transition land to young people with a clear path to land ownership. These can be tough conversations and better policy is needed to ensure a smooth transition.