About RegeNErate Nebraska

RegeNErate Nebraska is a community of Nebraskans who are bucking the system, in favor of the solution which lies in the soil: regenerative agriculture.

Over the last several decades, agriculture has become increasingly industrialized. The result: we’ve lost control of our food system to a handful of large corporations. Industrial Ag’s extractive business model, more concerned with profits than people, continues to degrade the soil, poison water and defoul the air. And in the process, this model exploits workers and animals alike, while threatening our health, safety and the well-being of our communities.

We’ve seen rural communities erased from the map, urban communities transformed into food deserts, and Native communities prevented from growing their traditional crops on lands that have belonged to them for thousands of years.

This is the way it has become – but it’s not the way of the future.

Regenerative Agriculture is a scientifically proven way to bring life back to the soil through increasing bio-diversity and incorporating good livestock management practices to fertilize the land. This produces valuable nutrients that replenish the soil and replace expensive input costs, while also drawing down carbon and nitrous oxide emissions. Other benefits include increased water retention abilities, cleaner water, new entrepreneurial jobs around food production, increased access to highly nutritious foods, access to emerging carbon credit markets, and of course stronger and healthier communities.