Regenerative Resource Guide

These farmers and ranchers, tribes, urban farmers, supporting businesses, organizations, food consumers, and communities are the starting place for you to develop your personal regenerative community. So welcome to the community. You are now part of RegeNErate Nebraska!

Farmer Food Co-ops & Distribution Services

How can you access local, regeneratively raised foods? The answer is by teaming up with Farmer Food Coops to build rural to urban regenerative food pipelines. Food Coops make food accessible no matter where you are, and can provide food for individuals, families, or for larger groups such as church congregations and businesses.

Lone Tree Foods |
Lone Tree Foods connects local farmers with wholesale and individual food buyers in Nebraska and Iowa. We work with small and medium sized farms who embody thoughtful and sustainable agricultural practices. Our mission is to make local food convenient and accessible.
Wally Graeber, General Manager
Lincoln, NE

Nebraska Food Cooperative |
Nebraska’s online, year-round farmers market and local food distribution service. The Nebraska Food Cooperative (NFC) brings together producers and consumers who care about the land, share an enjoyment of simple food, and seek equitable relationships. 
Beth Kernes Krause
Belgrade, NE

RegeNErative Markets

Grocery stores that provide access to local, regeneratively raised foods are growing across the Midwest. There are a handful of incredible markets in Nebraska. With the number of cooperatively-owned grocery stores on the rise, it seems Omaha is likely to be next.

Natural Food Co-op |
The Natural Food Co-op has been owned and operated by the co-op membership since 1976, currently supporting 1500 member households and 20+ volunteers. The mission is simple: healthy food
Chadron, NE

Norfolk Natural Market |
Norfolk Natural Market is the place to go for anyone wanting to celebrate life with simply good food. We provide the best of local, natural and/or organic food. Stop in for a glass of wine, cup of tea, healthy meal, class, event, or just to say hi.
Sharon Steadman
Norfolk, NE

Open Harvest |
At Open Harvest, we’ve built a grocery store around the idea that great food and community go hand in hand. Inside you’ll find the best local, fresh, and Certified Organic foods grown by farmers and ranchers we know, and made by brands we trust. Our in-house bakery and full-service deli prepare fresh, delicious foods that can satisfy every craving and fit any diet.
Amy Tabor
Lincoln, NE

RegeNErative Chefs/Caterers

The texture and taste of fresh, local food is just better than processed food. These local food caterers can assist you in providing the highest quality foods in a way that will make your mouth water.

Hub Cafe |
Hub Cafe’s approach to food is simple: use the best ingredients that we, as local farmers, have to offer. Sourcing from the farmers in our local food community allows us to serve the freshest, best-tasting produce, dairy products and meats to inspire creative dishes and connect us and our customers to our landscape and the seasons. Above all, we strive to treat our guests and staff alike with care, sharing our mission to transform the bounty of this land into exceptional modern farm fare.
Doug Dittman
Lincoln, NE

Prairie Plate |
Prairie Plate Restaurant is a farm-to-table restaurant located in a rural lakefront setting where guests enjoy a seasonal menu based on products from the co-located Lakehouse Farm and regional providers.
Renee and Jerry Cornett
Waverly, NE

RegeNErative Beef

Nebraska used to be known as “The Beef State”. These regenerative cattle farmers are helping Nebraska reclaim that title with steak that never calls for steak sauce.

Davey Road Ranch |
Davey Road Ranch is a Certified Organic, Certified Grassfed, and Animal Welfare Approved farming operation that produces organic grass-fed beef, organic grass-fed dairy, and grass-fed pork. We use rationed, rotational grazing, silvopasture, and conservation corridor management to maximize soil water retention and minimize runoff while providing wildlife habitat and building soil integrity.
Ben Gotschall

Raymond, NE

Ficke Cattle Company – Graze Master Genetics |
We offer regenerative beef consulting for farmers, and a great selection of holistically-raised fresh beef, straight from our farm to your table.
Del Ficke
Pleasant Dale, NE

Fulton Farms
Fulton Farms is a certified organic, holistically managed crop and livestock operation located in the Loess Hills and Clear Creek Valley of Central Nebraska. Over the last 20 years we have moved away from conventional farming practices and focused on regenerating our soils and landscape while helping others do the same. We’ve hosted visitors from around the world and have been featured in numerous publications, books, and documentaries. Fulton Farms is one of your best regenerative, grass-fed and finished beef options in Central Nebraska
Kevin Fulton
Litchfield, NE

McKnight Grass-Fed Beef
We started raising grass-fed beef as a way to pursue better nutrition for ourselves. Our small herd is rotated among several pastures through spring, summer and fall. The herd is fed hay throughout the winter months, and is never fed any grains or supplements.
Evelyn McKnight
Fremont, NE

Range West Beef |
Some of the richest soils in Nebraska are found in Hamilton county. Our long-rotations of perennial grasses produce deeply flavored grass fed beef. We are committed to healthful beef and long term soil vitality.
Luke or Lori Jacobsen
Marquette, NE

Little Mountain Ranch and Garden |
Our farm vision is always evolving but our goal is to grow and build a diversified farm that is focused on providing access to natural, chemical free foods for our local community. We strive to put food on your table that is hand crafted from start to finish. Purchasing pastured meats and organically produced foods from our farm supports a more sustainable agricultural model and hopefully in a small way helps challenge our current food system that puts low price and volume over our health and global environmental stewardship.
Billy Alward and Rebecca Moshman
Fort Calhoun, NE

RegeNErative Dairy

As they say, “Milk does your body good.” Regenerative dairies are hard to come by these days, but there is a hidden gem on the edge of the Nebraska Sandhills that is worth checking out.

Clear Creek Organic Farms |
Living in the sandhills and witnessing soil erosion and water contamination has led us to use Allen Savory’s intensive grazing system with our dairy, beef and hog operations. We have also implemented the layer farming practice on our farm ground and garden. Both have improved our soil and increased the nutrient density of the food we produce at Clear Creek Organic Farm. A few of our high in-demand items include grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and cheese.
Robert Bernt
Spalding, NE

RegeNErative Bison

The demand for bison is growing, but it is still hard to find true regeneratively raised bison. However, there are some solid providers in Nebraska, and Nebraska’s Tribes are also starting to grow their herds.

Straight Arrow Bison – Broken Bow |
The Straight Arrow Bison Ranch began raising bison in 1995. The operation is strictly grassfed, no medications, vaccinations, etc. They are certified grassfed through “A Greener World” (formerly Animal Welfare Approved). Bison meat is sold through the website, by direct sales in central Nebraska, and through distributors such as Lone Tree Foods in the Lincoln/Omaha area.
Marty & Karen Bredthauer
Broken Bow, NE

RegeNErative Pork

Have you tried regeneratively produced pork? If you haven’t you should. There is a night and day difference between retail pork, and that raised on a regenerative farm. We strongly recommend you give it a try for yourself.

Erstwhile Farms –
Erstwhile Farms has been a family operation for 115 years. Our pigs are rotationally gleaning/grazing on organic acres, cover crops or forested areas through all seasons…so they are never just in a bare dirt lot. Our mission is to adhere to practices that protect the environment and the welfare of the animal, while providing food for year round meals on family tables. We even have an inspected kitchen on the farm for preserving our farm grown foods.
Lanette Stec
Columbus, NE

RegeNErative Poultry

Consumers are turning away from the degenerative chicken sold by large companies like Costco, Tyson, Pilgrims Pride, and others, but some farmers are showing that returning chickens to a more native habitat can also produce chickens to scale.

Bluff Valley Farm |
We are a 6th generation family farm that settled the land in 1865. We use a mix of organic and conventional methods, and raise beef cattle, sheep and poultry, using natural methods. We feed all certified organic hay and non-GMO grains to our meat animals, using no added hormones or antibiotics. We use crop rotation, cover crops and rotational grazing.
Kenneth Thiltges
Rulo, NE

Pasture 2 Table |
We aim to bring Nebraska the highest quality pasture raised chicken and pork there is. Pasture raised means living outside soaking up the sun and eating all the good things that the earth has provided them. With plenty of fresh grass and freedom to move, they flourish! Our animals are raised on good ol’ Nebraska pastures, and are hormone and vaccine free.
Giovanni Sanchez
Raymond, NE

Cover Cropping

One of the most important principles of regenerative farming is cover cropping because it sinks lots of carbon, increases organic matter — which leads to less reliance on synthetic nutrients and chemicals — and increases productivity. More roots in the ground also means cleaner water.

Green Acres Cover Crops |
Our focus is helping farmers build resiliency into their farming operations. Ecological/regenerative farming is what we specialize in, with an emphasis on soil health, nutrient cycling, increased yields, water infiltration and holding capacity, and most importantly, producing nutrient dense crops and forages. When we focus on growing for nutrient density, we automatically get the yields as quality increases.
Nate Belcher
Omaha, NE

Cover Crop Exchange |
We provide a marketplace to connect growers and buyers of seed.  We have a network of growers, wholesalers, and retailers from across the county to connect all parties involved in seed growing, processing, selling and buying.  Think amazon/ebay for seeds.
Nate Belcher
Omaha, NE

Hybrid85 |
Non-GMO seed corn at an industry leading price point shipped directly to farmers.  We help farmers reduce input costs while maintaining production and allow farmers an option for non-GMO seed corn.
Nate Belcher
Omaha, NE

Green Cover Seed |
“Helping farmers to regenerate God’s creation for future generations” – that is our mission and the reason that we started Green Cover Seed in 2009; to provide the cover crop seeds to help fuel the Soil Health and Regenerative Ag Movement. We carry more than 120 different species of cover crops and specialize in custom blending for producers of all sizes. We have a heavy focus in education and offer a free 64-page full color soil health and regenerative ag guide that is free for the asking!
Keith Berns
Bladen, NE

Non-GMO & Organic Seed Corn

One of the best natural corn breeders is now selling bags of non-GMO and organic corn in Nebraska. 

Prairie Hybrids |
Prairie Hybrids was started by our grandfather, H.W. Hostetler in 1970. Two generations later, we are fortunate to carry on the family business. We believe non-GMO is a healthier choice for us and our families. Our goal is to provide seed that enables the farmer to grow a crop that is environmentally healthy for the soil, animals, and humans.
Toby Schweitzer
Central City, NE

Organic Diverse Grains

Regenerative popcorn, quinoa, rice, lentils chickpeas, oats and sunflower are just a few products that come from these seed dealers. These businesses are diversified and offer a wide variety of products that provide a lot of great supper options too!

AgriForce Seed |
An advocate for soil health, Tucker Farms incorporates soil health principles in its diverse seed, crop and livestock operation. Twelve different crops, four types of livestock and an emphasis in supporting healthy soil biology help drive the decisions for the farm. Through these strategies, Tucker Farms searches for many different markets to sell our regenerative produced products.
Steve Tucker
Venango, NE

Grain Place Food |
The mission of Grain Place Foods is to provide its customers with grain products that are grown and produced in an ecologically sustainable and socially responsible manner — with the conviction that how your food is produced does matter!
Dave Vetter
(402) 854-3195
Marquette, NE

Roberts Seed, Inc. |
Roberts Seed is a specialty grain and grain related products company located in Nebraska, in the heart of the USA. We supply certified organic and non-GMO grain, and grain-related products for food, seed and feed markets. Our products travel to domestic and international markets.
Axtel, NE


A young child was hungry, but even though he didn’t always have food waiting at home, he knew where every apple tree, strawberry patch, and raspberry vine was. This was North Omaha in the late 1960s. Not only do food forests provide increased access to nutrition, they also feed wildlife, provide shelter from the wind and sun, and sink lots of carbon. More farms are adding permaculture principles to their operations these days too.

Omaha Permaculture |
Omaha Permaculture (OP) is helping to elevate the discussion of regenerative agriculture in Nebraska. Human populations and natural ecosystems of the world are depending on our ability to recognize a more harmonious course of cohabitation. OP looks forward to helping Nebraska’s agricultural communities network and coalesce behind the vision of a healthier future.
Gus Von Roenn
Benson, NE


To truly feed the world we must grow beyond the linear farming model, but rather grow food in the space above the reach of today’s monoculture cropping practices. Trees are the answer for drawing down carbon, stopping erosion, improving water holding capabilities, offering protection from the neighbor’s chemical drift, improving livestock habitat, plus they offer new profitability opportunities for farmers. With emerging agro-forestry and silvopasture practices growing in popularity, trees will have an increasing presence in modern day agriculture.

Nebraska Forestry Service |
Our mission is to enrich the lives of Nebraska’s citizens by protecting, restoring and utilizing Nebraska’s tree and forest resources.
Graham Herbst
Lincoln, NE

Nebraska State Arboretum |
Nebraska Statewide Arboretum is a member-based nonprofit that believes in grassroots efforts to achieve our mission. Over the last 39 years of work we have come to understand that landscapes can have a dramatic impact on quality of life—they renew our environment, improve our health, increase social interactions, deepen our sense of place and provide opportunities for learning. Landscapes open up possibilities for on-the-ground transformation and purposeful beauty.
Lincoln, NE

RegeNErative Waterways, Prairie Restoration & Pollinators

Nebraska was once covered by vast grasslands, but much of the land has been turned over by conventional farming, and soil quality has gradually been on the decline. Grasses restore soil quality, are grazable, and offer plant species valuable for bees to pollinate. This resource has restored more native prairie than anyone else in the neighborhood.

Prairie Plains Resource Institute |
Prairie Plains Resource Institute pioneered high diversity local wild ecotype prairie restoration in Nebraska in the early 1980s and since then has planted more than 12,000 acres of diverse seed mixes in 56 counties. Our aim is to create multi-purpose native plant communities which are ecologically functional, diverse, and well-managed. Our prairie management stresses the use of fire and, where possible, grazing, through practices that are aligned with enhancing dynamic ecological function and biodiversity. Our long-term aim is to increase our restoration and educational involvement with rangeland threatened by shrub and tree invasion, urbanization, fragmentation and sod busting due to misplaced economic incentives. We want to see diverse Ribbons of Prairie along the streams and rivers across farm country.
Bill Whitney
Aurora, NE


Female farm leaders are leading by example when it comes to developing creative regenerative businesses that put the environment first.

Common Good Farms |
Common Good Farm is a 20 acre certified organic and certified Biodynamic small family farm in northwest Lancaster County, Nebraska growing good food since 1996. As we prioritize creating a whole farm organism through creating soil fertility on the farm, we work with cover cropping, composts and intensive management, and combine aspects of growing food that work in tandem for farmers, food and the farm. We offer CSA (community supported agriculture — Nebraska’s oldest), produce, organic seedlings, pastured pork, 100% grass-fed/grazed beef, and a pasture-based laying flock…all certified organic.
Ruth Chantry
Lincoln, NE

Harmony Nursery | 
Harmony nursery is a full-service garden center and landscaping business as well as field-growing daylilies. Two years ago we invested in a solar project, which today runs electricity for our nursery business, greenhouses, retail space and more.
Jenni Harrington
Bradshaw, NE

Jerry Glaser, Inc. 
Jerry and Cindy Glaser returned to his family farm in 1985 near Spalding. Upon his father’s retirement in 2006, they knew they either had to get bigger or move with their philosophy into organic production. Today they grow organic popcorn, edible beans and cover crops consisting of forages, alfalfa and small grains along with a 300 head organic stock cow and grass-finished operation. Through the use of livestock, cover crops and biological inputs they have seen a marked improvement in the soil profile.
Cindy Glaser
Spalding, NE

Meadowlark Hearth |
MH is a certified organic farm practicing regenerative agriculture suggestions made to European farmers requesting aid for farm problems from Rudolf Steiner during the 1924 Agricultural Course. That course resulted in the Biodynamic farming movement. At MH, animals, crops, and people weave a farm tapestry together, using Biodynamic treated compost and field sprays, and ensuring 10%+ of the farm as haven for undomesticated life. Grass-fed and grass-finished beef, vegetables, and vegetable seed marketed through a CSA are the main resulting products. Farm visits, internships, educational programs and hands-on workshops are happening at MH through The Living Environment Foundation:
Beth Corymb Everett
308-632-3399 (Farm)
308-631-5877 (Mobile)
Scottsbluff, NE

Shadowbrook Farms |
We own and operate a Farmstead goat dairy and make artisan cheese in our on farm processing facility. We market at local farmers markets, through chefs at local restaurants and nationally through cheese shops and Whole Foods.
Charuth van Beuzekom
Lincoln, NE

Good Berry Farms |
A family farm started in 2015 by Leah Fote. The aronia berry caught Leah’s attention with its versatility and abundant health benefits. Leah chose the aronia berry to provide a healthy, all natural product to consumers. Good Berry Farms is committed and dedicated to growing high quality, all natural aronia berries so consumers are always satisfied.
Leah Fote
Paxton, NE


Area Tribes are setting food sovereignty goals to help regenerate Native nutrition, as well as their communities and the environment. From sacred seed savings to cultural food centers, Indigenous leaders have a longer history in regenerative farming than anyone. 

Comunidad Maya Pixan Ixim |
Regenerative Farming is consistent with the Spirituality of the Maya Nation; our mission as a human family is to coexist in harmony and equilibrium with Mother Earth, the Universe and all forms of life. We will survive as a human family only if we practice regenerative agriculture.
Luis Marcos
Omaha, NE

HoChunk Farms
Ho-Chunk Farms is primarily a conventional commodity farm, but we are looking to diversify and create new revenue streams. We currently do some organic farming and in the process of transitioning hundreds of acres to organic. We are currently planning stages for an indoor farm, and a Tree-Range Poultry Egg Laying Unit.
Aaron Lapointe
Winnebago, NE

Sacred Seed |
Sacred Seed works to grow and spread the seed of traditional Indian corn. These beautiful crops contain so much history that needs to be preserved. Each variety has a story behind its color or origin.
Taylor Keen
Omaha, NE


The only way to truly feed to world is if we find more creative ways and places to grow food, including inside city limits. This also increases urban food security. Omaha and Lincoln have several urban farming organizations that are leading the way at developing urban farms to serve the surrounding community.

Big Garden |
The Big Garden cultivates food security by developing community gardens, creating opportunities to serve, and by providing education about issues related to hunger. Through our garden education programs at over 40 sites throughout the city we grow healthy food, healthy kids and healthy communities.
Nathan Morgan
Omaha, NE

Big Muddy |
Big Muddy Urban Farm is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to making sustainable agriculture accessible to all, by connecting and empowering community members of all ages to build an equitable and resilient community food system. We grow diverse fruits and vegetables on six urban lots in Omaha, NE and provide accessible education in sustainable agriculture through the Aspiring Farmer Residency, Summer Youth Garden program, as well as by hosting farm tours to a wide range of groups.
Brent Lubbert
Omaha, NE

City Sprouts |
City Sprouts uses different regenerative practices in our community gardens and urban farms. We use cover crops and sheet mulching to build up our soils and crop rotation, intercropping with native plants and companion planting to work with our ecology instead against it. In everything we do we aim to involve our community as that is our greatest resource.
Katie Kresha
Omaha, NE

Community Crops |
Community Crops oversees 12 community gardens, directs youth programs, and offers dozens of cooking and gardening workshops each year. We also run Prairie Pines Training Farm, an incubator farm for beginning vegetable growers. Community Crops empowers people to grow food through education, experiences and resources.
Megan McGuffey
(402) 474-9802
Lincoln, NE

Hidden Harvest
Hidden Harvest, LLC is a start-up urban farm revitalizing Omaha’s vacant land with crop rotation and cover cropping. Being in an urban environment we focus on connecting families to their food by bringing sustainable farming systems to the classroom and the market.
Gavin J. Johnston
Omaha, NE

Rhizosphere Farm |
Our goal is to steward the land by focusing on soil fertility in the annual vegetable field and permaculture design in perennial areas of the farm to partner with nature in the enrichment of the soil biology and local ecosystem. We use cover cropping, compost, interplanting with flowers for pollinators, intensive management and thoughtful tillage with the intention to grow food in harmony with nature. Along with annual vegetable crops, there is a food forest, perennial garden, spiral herb garden, and a high tunnel. We sell the food, herbs, and flowers grown to Omaha farmers markets and several restaurants in the Omaha area.
Terra & Matt Hall
Omaha, NE


If you are in the city limits you can still grow foods regeneratively. Luckily you don’t have to look far to access good seed, organic compost, and find professional help and solutions for your very own personal regenerative experience. 

Paradigm Gardens –
“Paradigm Gardens is a retail garden store that provides sustainable growing solutions for growers and producers of every size. Whether indoors or out, we specialize in everything to take you from seed to harvest, and back again. We carry hundreds of certified organic products including potting mixes, plants, pest controls, and over 600 seed varieties year round.”
Ph: 402-339-4949
Omaha, NE

Prairie Star Botanicals |
We are a small manufacturer of herbal products, based in Blair, Nebraska. Prairie Star ensures the viability of our native plant populations through ethical harvesting practices, training our local growers of medicinal plants, trees, and mushrooms to do the same. Our manufacturing processes include recycling and composting, and regular review allows us to improve our yields, using only as much plant material as needed. We take seriously our mission to connect with nature to heal body, mind, soul, and planet.
Aaron Hill
Sales Account Manager
402-533-4433Blair, NE

Blair, NE

Food Waste, Composting & Soil

Elimination of food waste is one of the most important components to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For both rural and urban farms, composting is another way to produce healthy nutritious soil. Instead of dumping our food waste into the local landfill, let’s turn our excess waste into fertilizer that helps plants grow.

Big Red Worms –
At Big Red Worms, we understand how important it is to minimize our impact on the environment as a community. That’s why we convert over 390 tons of food and 800 tons of animal waste into rich living compost each year with the assistance of Eisena fetida (Red Wigglers) worms. We partner with many local businesses to reduce food waste to the landfill and our Community Composting Initiative allows members to drop off their food waste throughout the C ity of Lincoln. We believe that educating our community on the importance of how composting reduces waste to the landfill can create an improved soil structure for all types of vegetation.
Jeremiah Picard
Lincoln, NE

Hillside Solutions |
Transforming trash into a resource is the mantra of Hillside Solutions. From offices, schools, multifamily housing communities, churches, and events—Hillside Solutions consults organizations in the surrounding Omaha area on sustainable options, helps implement new practices through education, and hauls materials to be recycled or composted. Farms, both rural and urban, can also contact Hillside Solutions in order to purchase soil made from food waste.
Brent Crampton
Omaha, NE


Breaking down food access barriers can come in many forms. One Omaha-based business is providing another option to grow food where land isn’t always available proving yet another tool to battle hunger, and improve food security.

Whispering Roots |
Whispering Roots, Inc. is an IRS approved, 501c3, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing healthy food, S.T.E.M. education and living wage jobs to underserved communities. We use Aquaponics, Controlled Environment Agriculture and Urban Ag to teach children and communities how to sustainably grow nutritious vegetables and fish in impoverished areas.
Greg Fripp
(402) 321-7228
Omaha, NE

SNAP for RegeNErative

Regeneratively raised and nutritious foods can be made even more affordable by using creative benefits like SNAP to increase food access in lower income areas.

Alliance for a Better Omaha (Heart Ministry Center, Together, & Food Bank For The Heartland) 
SNAP Outreach has proven to be a very effective tool to assist people with food insecurity and reach their individual path to self-sufficiency. SNAP works best when incorporated with a nutrition program. The Alliance for a Better Omaha collaborates with the nonprofit, private and public sectors to open new SNAP applicants to local food production, in season dieting, and wellness programs.
Craig Howell
Omaha, NE

RegeNErative Culinary Education

We must teach our young people the importance of soil, food and nutrition. One college has taken the lead in shaping the minds, and culinary skills of our next generation, while integrating a local food vision.

Metropolitan Community College Horticulture |
MCC Horticulture offers culinary educational opportunities with both a Career Certificate and an Associate’s Degree in Small Market Farming. Permaculture and sustainability principles are integrated throughout our curriculum.
Kristina Engler
Omaha, NE

RegeNErate College Education

It is important to teach our young people the importance of soil, growing food, preventative health and nutrition. A few Nebraska colleges have taken the lead in building young people’s understanding of everything from culinary skills to regenerative agriculture, while always staying focused on local food systems.

Doane Institute for Human and Planetary Health |
Our mission is to present the evidence that the dietary pattern that best preserves both human and planetary health is based on minimally processed, whole plant foods grown using sustainable and restorative agricultural practices. The IHPH also seeks to provide educational opportunities for those who want to restore human and planetary health, create resilient, healthy communities and help transform current policy that favors high cost medical care, industrial agricultural and food production systems over people and the environment.
Amanda McKinney
Crete, NE

RegeNErative Development, Mobilization & Education

Grassroots community development, mobilization, and education help equip communities with the tools they need to effectively make a difference. An educated and engaged community leads to a more healthy and vibrant state, region and country. GC Resolve focus on green infrastructure development at most local levels. 

GC Resolve |
GC Resolve is a communication and consulting company designed to increase education and mobilization of the general public in order to build regenerative and resilient communities, and therefore resolve the problems that impact the day-to-day lives of the people that live there.
Graham P. Christensen
Omaha, NE

RegeNErative Startup Investment

Everyone’s regenerative dream has to start from somewhere. The Let’s Eat Investment Group is here to help the next young aspiring farmer get started down the road of setting up his or her regenerative operation.

Let’s Eat Investment Group |
Let’s Eat is a group of 17 local individuals who feel it is important to support local, regenerative food production. We provide low hassle, low interest loans of up to $10,000 from anything to equipment or supplies to working capital to help take local food producers to the next level.
Jack Round
Omaha, NE

RegeNErative Living

How we live on the day-to-day has a big impact overall. One creative regenerator is offering a unique vision on how we can live more efficiently.

Tallgrass Hearth and Home |
Named for the tallgrass prairie where Jim calls home and referencing the vernacular architecture of the Great Plains. This young startup specializes in sustainable strawbale construction and carbon neutral wood-fired appliances. Offerings include consultation, educational workshops, and contracting.
Jim Schalles
Omaha, NE

Organic Certification

For farmers and ranchers looking to take the next step to value added and chemical free, look no further. OneCert is based close by…in our state’s Capital City.

OneCert, Inc. |
OneCert is a USDA accredited certification agency based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our sliding fee schedule makes organic certification affordable for small farms. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing certification services with the highest standards to assure organic integrity.
Sam Welsch
Lincoln, NE

Organic Pest Control

More and more farmers are getting cancer or other neurological diseases from exposure to harmful pesticides like Glyphosate, Atrazine, and 2-4-D. Luckily there are better alternatives to pest control that can be used on the farm, in the garden, or even around the house that doesn’t put your family nor your pets at risk. Get pest control experts to inspect and diagnose the situation if you see termite tubes at home.

Earth Works Health |
Our company mission is to provide a quality product! One of our features is Diatomaceous Earth (DE). DE is replacing many chemicals in your home. If you are looking for something without chemicals, DE is mother nature’s product. You have no worry of harm to the land, pets, or people.
Andrew Hemmer
Norfolk, NE