This website and the RegeNEration Proclamation are for you! The Proclamation is a statement about the future of agriculture and food sovereignty in Nebraska. Our statement was developed with input from a diverse set of Nebraskans, many of whom are highlighted in the Regenerative Resource Guide which can be found both on the website and in the Proclamation. Please be a part of our growing network and don’t hesitate to use RegeNErate Nebraska as a way to help you and your community choose a more regenerative and healthy future.

Strong Community Is At The Heart Of Regeneration

RegeNErate Nebraska is a network of farmers and ranchers, tribes, urban farmers, supporting businesses, organizations, food consumers, and communities who are committed to a shift away from extractive industrial food production in favor of an ethical and regenerative food system. Lying in the middle of the nation, Nebraska is the heart of our nation, and the culture and principles found here serve as a lifeblood for a well-functioning country. RegeNErate Nebraska’s mission is to redevelop and strengthen our communities from the soil up. This starts with building strong communities.